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swedish massage

What should I wear ?
Something you can remove easily

What to expect from my back neck & shoulder massage also if using hot stones & bamboo?
As If you're having back, shoulder & neck massage you will be asked to remove all top half clothing. The therapist will leave the room to allow you to get undressed in private. Lay face down on the coach for when the therapist comes back in the room.

What to expect from my full body massage also with bamboo or hot stones?
You will be asked to remove all of your clothing down to your underwear, you could bring a pair of shorts to wear instead if you feel more comfortable half way through the treatment the therapist will ask you to turn over, don't worry the therapist will hold up a large towel and revert her eyes.

What if the pressure is too much and it's uncomfortable or the pressure is too little?
Please tell the therapist.

How often should I book a massage?
2 to 3 weeks or as often as you like. To make you feel de-stressed, relaxed, and for your wellbeing.

What if I need the toilet in the middle of treatment?
Ask the therapist to stop the treatment. It's better to miss a few minutes of a massage in order to be more comfortable.



What should I wear for a facial treatment?
Wear something comfortable.

What if my skin gets uncomfortable during treatment?
Make sure you tell the therapist as soon as your skin feels sore.  

How do facials help?
Facials help remove dead skin to bring a brighter and younger looking skin on the surface.Regular facials can delay the signs of aging,relaxing & de-stress you while increasing blood flow to your entire face.

How long do facials last?
A good facial will give you fresh & glowing skin for at least a week. If you follow a good skin care regimen at home.

If you're 30+ is a facial necessary for you?
Yes a facial should be a tegral part of your skincare regimen after the age of 30. It helps to de-stress the body and mind. The facial massage will drain the toxins from the body which build up due to stressful & busy lifestyle.

How often should you have a facial?
You can go for a facial every 4 to 6 weeks.


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